God Heals Hearts–Bethesda Sermon Series :)


Right now at Bethesda, we are journeying together through a sermon series I am calling “God Heals Hearts.” Each week, we look at scripture from the Lectionary, and we look at the scripture specifically to find ways God makes whole our broken hearts; ways God restores our shattered dreams with God’s ultimate dream of us home in God’s heart;ways in which God journeys with us through suffering to find lasting hope through the promise of Christ’s cross, and Christ’s resurrection.

God heals hearts so that we can live redeemed, loved, and new, serving the God who loves us so, by loving each other, and this world, so.

You can read each sermon in the series by visiting my blog: www.jeffreykanode.wordpress.com

Hope to see you at church on Sunday very soon.

In Christ’s healing love,


Rev. Jeffrey C. Kanode

Pastor, Bethesda UMC