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Church Officers 2021

September 9, 2020

“Thank you” to all of you who graciously serve in officer roles for our church!  For many of you, this is not your first time as a church officer.  Click here to view the officers for 2021.  To protect the sensitive information of the officers, access to this form requires a password.  To retrieve the password, please contact Pastor Bronson.

Charge Conference 2020

August 27, 2020

Charge Conference season is upon us!  Though this year continues to be unique in various ways, Charge Conference is a helpfully essential part of our church’s diplomatic structure.

Charge Conference is a time for us to analyze the ministries of our church and set goals for the coming year.  With the help of the West Virginia Conference through our District Superintendent, we can plan a positive direction for our church community.  This year’s Charge Conference will take place on September 20 at 6 pm through Skype.  All professing members are invited to vote, and all are invited to tune in.

Skype is a great program for those that are not so tech savvy.  By invitation, you may be added to the audio of the conference call via your landline phone!  If you wish to attend Charge Conference and tune in via a landline or mobile phone for audio only, please contact Pastor Bronson.


COVID-19 Update: Four Phase Relaunch Plan

August 22, 2020

"Worship on the Hill"

Please note the following modification to phase two of our Four Phase Relaunch Plan (image below): Sunday’s “Worship on the Hill” parking lot service is moved from 7 pm to 11 am.  Therefore, our online worship experience and “Worship on the Hill” will happen simultaneously.

Worried about keeping your distance during “Worship on the Hill”?  The picture to the right may give you some peace of mind.  We park cars in every other spot.  Attendees are welcome to sit in their vehicles or bring their own chair and sit outside.  An outdoor PA system broadcasts the sound so that everyone can hear.

Our #SharetheLove church sign campaign continues. To order your own, contact Pastor Bronson ($16 for one-sided).
Kids, we need your help! Visit our church to decorate the sidewalks. Chalk is available by the front door.

News Archive

June 14, 2020

You’re invited to join Cara and Jessy as they host an outdoor, socially distanced baby shower for JJ on Saturday, June 27 at 11 am at Bethesda United Methodist Church.

Click here to view their registries for Walmart, Amazon and Target.

May 23, 2020

As I’m sure you know, Annual Conference will not be held at its usual time in June this year.  Instead, the Bishop and her cabinet are shortening and moving the gathering to August 1-2.  Click the image to learn more about the change.

Pastor Bronson and David Bias are expected to be our representatives this year.  As David awaits the arrival of his grandson, J.J., he prayerfully requests a back-up/replacement for this year.  If you are available or have interest in going, please contact Pastor Bronson.

May 23, 2020

I’ve heard from so many of you about how much you miss church–you are not alone! All of us have been through a variety of emotions relative to this pandemic. We all received a beacon of light recently from the White House when President Trump declared churches “essential”. I wish to comment on that press release and our status.

social distancing, virus, distanceAllow me to briefly take you back to when this all began. When churches were asked to close, that was by no means a legal order. We–the leaders of our church–made that decision voluntarily. Therefore, the decision to “reopen” is still entirely up to us. I do not wish to discredit what President Trump said. If nothing else, I see his statements as a positive pathological effort to give us hope, and he did just that. As you consider the status of our church, I encourage you to take all state and federal guidelines with a grain of salt, and remember that the Relaunch Team is working diligently to safely and effectively host in-person gatherings again.

Now, allow me to give you an update on our Relaunch Team’s efforts. With many great ideas in the works, all of their efforts are void without your opinion. It would be a huge help to all of them if you took the time to fill out the Bethesda Relaunch Survey. Once we collect enough information, we will update you on the next steps. The Relaunch Team prayerfully hopes that they are able to offer additional services to our online experience starting June 7. This tentative date depends on your participation with the survey and the recommendations from health officials going forward.

“Worship on the Hill” will include an outdoor, parking lot style Sunday Worship experience at 7 pm. This will allow us to be together as a church family while keeping a safe distance. The online Sunday Worship experience will continue during phase two as-is at 11 am.

May 14, 2020

Please see the following information relative to Western District 2020:

  • WHO
    The ex-offi cio membership of the District Conference shall be composed of the following: All clergy of the district; and local church personnel as listed (from local churches within the district): lay members of the Annual Conference, church lay leader, chairperson of Church Council, presidents of United Methodist Women, chartered United Methodist Men, and United Methodist Youth Fellowship (West Virginia Annual Conference Journal, XI.8).
  • WHAT
    The goal of District Conference is to report on the missional ministries of the district, and to approve and elect officers for various committees within the district (see below). Guidelines for the meeting will take place according to The Book of Resolutions, 2008 (Book of Discipline 2016, X).
  • WHEN
    May 17 at 3 pm.
    Due to ongoing safety precautions relative to COVID-19, District Conference will take place online. The meeting will take place via Zoom. Access the meeting with the following information:

Meeting ID
924 0332 4283

Dial by Your Location
+1 (646) 558-8656

The following committees are up for approval:

April 16, 2020

We welcome you to an online Bible study through the book, Growing Through Disaster by Clayton L. Smith and Matt Schoenfeld. The study will begin May 6.

How do I join? We are using on online discussion platform through Google called “Classroom”. To join the Google Classroom, visit Click the menu button in the top right corner (nine square tiles). Find the Classroom icon. Click on “+” in the top right corner, and select “join class”. Enter the code u3olqvd, and you’re in!

Where can I purchase the book? The book, Growing Through Disaster by Clayton L. Smith and Matt Schoenfeld, is available through Amazon, Kindle and other book retailers. Click here to view it on Amazon.

I have other questions. For more information, email Pastor Bronson at

April 3, 2020

Hello, Church! Prayers you are well as we prepare for Holy Week. Obviously, we are in unique times. As I think and pray through ways we can respond while keeping our social distance, God laid on my heart all the children that may not get to experience the joy of Easter. To share the good news of Easter morning with people in our community, I encourage you to work with me as we collect and donate Easter baskets. Here’s how it will work:

  • Put together an Easter basket made for a boy, girl or gender-neutral.
  • Deliver it to the side/preschool door before Friday, April 10 (daily, Pastor Bronson will safely move the baskets indoors).
  • Share the news about donating and receiving baskets with your friends, neighbors and online community.

Donating a Basket
To donate a basket, put together whatever you want! We ask that folks donate finished baskets so that Pastor Bronson and others can limit their exposure to germs, etc.

Give Money Towards a Basket
For some of you, giving money towards a basket may be easier and safer. To do so, go to our Pushpay page and select the fund, “Easter Baskets”.

Baskets can be picked up at Bethesda United Methodist Church from 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday, April 11.

March 18, 2020

If you’re like me, you’re likely overwhelmed with updates on the coronavirus.  At the risk of sending you over the edge, allow me to fill you in on where we, your church family, stand.  I’ve put much prayer and consideration into how we can respond to the current climate of all this.  The Bishop, our church’s leadership and I concur that it is best that we cancel all classes, meetings and gatherings until further notice. 

That being said, our discipleship and Christian duty is not on hold.  There are still some very practical ways that you–regardless of age, health, etc.–can respond.

  1. Join Us Online
    If you’re reading this email, that’s a good start!  I know that online communication isn’t the most practical medium for some of us, but there is much I can do to serve you through social media and our website.  I encourage you to follow our online presence for devotionals and prayers.  Additionally, share posts and links with others so that those outside our faith community may hear God’s Word!
  2. Pick Up the Phone
    One of my biggest concerns with this situation is those that may experience loneliness.  For many of us, church is one of the few places that we interact with friends and feel loved.  We cannot let that spirit die.  I encourage you to pick up the phone and call, text or message someone in our church.  You never know how someone else is responding to this and what your outreach may mean to them.
  3. Donate to E.C.C.H.O.
    There are various on-going efforts to ensure the needs of the affected are met, and I believe that donating to E.C.C.H.O. is our best way to respond collectively. Their clothing section is currently closed but the food pantry is focused on packaged and non-perishable food items. Cash donations are also welcome (see our online giving service and select the fund “ECCHO”). 
  4. Online Giving
    Tithing is never an easy conversation for a pastor to have with his/her parishioners, but it is nonetheless an important one.  As stated, this virus does not change our commission to go and make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19).  In fact, I am confident that the financial need will rise for folks that may be affected by the economic decline and the closure of certain employers.  Please consider using our online giving option linked below and on our website.  I am happy to answer any questions if you have issues getting your account set up.

March 14, 2020

(see video)

Additionally, we are cancelling all midweek services including Lenten Lunch, Wednesday Meal, and Bible Study. We plan to take this issue week-by-week and work to implement as much online discipleship as possible.

February 4, 2020

The Milton Ministerial Alliance is set to host their annual Easter Carnival in downtown Milton. Enjoy family-oriented fun in the style of carnival games and age-specific egg hunts. All are welcome.

February 4, 2020

Choirs from Milton UMC and Church in the Valley are coming together for an Easter Cantata on April 5 at 6 pm.  Both churches invite any singers from Bethesda to join in, too!  Contact Pastor Bronson for more information.

February 4, 2020

March 3 — Milton UMC
March 10 — Milton Baptist
March 17 — Union Baptist
March 24 — Bethesda UMC
March 31 — Church in the Valley

*all lunches begin at noon

February 4, 2020

The United Methodist Foundation wants to help us create a culture of generosity.  We are invited to join them at Canaan Valley Resort on March 18-20.  A team has formed within our church!  Contact Pastor Bronson if you have interest in going.

February 4, 2020

As a prelude to General Conference 2020, Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball invites all laity to a listening and education session on Monday, February 10 at First UMC, Huntington (7 pm).

February 4, 2020

You’ve seen our church sign on Route 60, right?  Graciously, our local Girl Scout Troop 33269 volunteered to be the tenants of the sign’s garden!  This spring, look for the troop to complete a beautifying project as the they take on the upkeep of the garden under the sign.  They agreed to be the regular tenants of the sign garden going forward.

January 15, 2020

We invite you to dine with us this Valentine’s Day for a fundraiser dinner. The youth of Bethesda will host an Italian-style meal for couples, singles and families on Friday, February 14 from 6 to 8 pm.

As a fundraiser for the youth to attend the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular in Charleston, we suggest a donation of $20 per couple, or $10 per person. Private and group tables will be available. To RSVP, please use the form below.

January 12, 2020

Help Bethesda UMC support local and world missions through the Rada Cutlery fundraiser program! Rada offers a variety of products for your kitchen, featuring some the best knives around. Bethesda receives 40 percent of all sales, and Bethesda donates all of those earnings to their annual apportionments. Click here to shop Rada’s products online.

January 5, 2020

We welcome you to engage with is in a hybrid Bible study through the book, The Jesus Way: A Conversation on the Ways That Jesus Is the Way by Eugene Peterson. We will study the book for twelve weeks beginning January 12.

What is a hybrid Bible study? A hybrid Bible study is a group that meets partially in person and mostly online. Through the twelve week study, we will meet on three occasions–in the beginning, middle and end–and engage in online discussion during the other nine weeks. This style allows for people who are new to our church and lead busy lifestyles to participate in an in-depth study.

When/where will we meet? The meetings are to be determined based on the availability of the group

How do I join? We are using on online discussion platform through Google called Classroom. To join our Google Classroom, visit Click the menu button in the top right corner (nine square tiles). Find the Classroom icon. Click on “+” in the top right corner, and select “join class”. Enter the code asxpfea, and you’re in!

Where can I purchase the book? The book, The Jesus Way:A Conversation on the Ways That Jesus Is the Way by Eugene Peterson, is available through Amazon, Audible and other book retailers. Click here to view it on Amazon.

I have more questions! For more information, email Pastor Bronson at

December 4, 2019

Join us December 13 between the hours of 6 and 9 pm for a family adventure through Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. Children and adults will see the sights and hear the sounds from places like the inn, manger and marketplace. Experience events firsthand like viewing the Christmas star, signing the census, and meeting baby Jesus. All are welcome to attend, and there is no cost for admission! Anticipate 45 minutes to complete the event. Check out this video for a preview:

(see video)